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This site was first launched in 1998 to promote the O’Donnell Clan newsletter entitled, Ó Domhnaill Abú. But as publication of the newsletter ceased in 2009  this site will seek to replace it. Here it is intended to publish all relevant information such as news, details of up-coming events, etc. pertaining to the O’Donnell Clan Association along with bits of history, songs, poems etc. to do with the O’Donnell Clan. So add it to your Favourites and visit it often.
O’Donnell Clan Association


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  1. Kind regards to all O’Donnell’s hope it is a good new year for all the O’Donnell’s from John O’Donnell cotlandMotherwell S

  2. Happy New Year 2015 to all O’Donnells from the redwood forest in the pacific northwest of California!!

    My O’Donnell family is from County Tipperary and they sailed around the Cape Horn from New York to San Francisco in 1860, and yes, descendents are still among us (obviously!). Very proud to be a member of Chlann Dálaigh since 1985!


  4. Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2015 to all my cousins !
    Tom O’Donnell
    Long Island, NY, USA

  5. I hear there is a guy from America. Looking for ODONNELL ‘ from the west of Ireland and there DNA.Re red Hugh odonnell know any thing about it.

  6. Vanessa O’Donnell
    29 April 2015

    Was just checking to see what was new and found new site. Look forward to hearing news.

  7. Mary O’Donnell wife of James J. McCann , daughter of Hugh O;Donnell and Mary “Molly” Berry , Granddaughter of Michael O’Donnell and Maria Cleary and Greatgranddaughter of Neil O’Donnell 1700-1760 / is my 2nd GreatGrandMother threw her son Hugh McCann .

    James J. McCann & Mary O’Donnell
    Hugh McCann & Jane Cullen
    Charles F. McCann & Mabel M. Lanich
    Elizabeth McCann & Joseph L. Schaffer
    (me) Mary Jane P. Schaffer
    (my son) Larry Wayne Harber Jr. & Lora Lynn Beirmeister
    (my grandchildren)
    Melissa Anne Harber ; (her 2 children) Chase Michael Bruni , Kyleigh Jordan Harber
    Troy Jonathan Harber

  8. Happy New Year 2016 to all the O’Donnells around the world. May the grace and peace of the Lord be with you all.
    Your Canadian Cousins
    Bill, Bud, Terry, Tim, Maureen and Doris Anne

  9. May 2016 be a great year for the O’Donnell Clan.
    Thank you Vincent for your passion for the Clan.
    Angela O’Donnell
    South Africa

  10. Hello from Columbus, Ohio, USA! I hope you all are having a great summer, wherever you are living at in the world!

  11. Good Day, everybody. My name´s Leonardo Sampaio, and i write, in general, about History of Romania. I discovered, there was a O´Connel GOVERNOR IN TRANSYLVANNIA, and since i discovered that, i look for a portrait,a picture of him.I hope you can help me

  12. Good evening Vincent:

    At the outset, thank you for maintaining this site.

    Are there any reunions being planned in the next year? BTW my name is John Hugh O’Donnell resident in Carp, Ontario Canada outside of Ottawa. My ancestors on my paternal side come from Ballymote Co. Sligo. My great grandfather Hugh O’Donnell born 1811, was the son of Hugh O’Donnell and Anne Kilkenny.
    I’m currently tracing these roots and look forward to receiving any information or advice.


    J. Hugh O’Donnell

  13. There is a Hugh ODonnell in Ohio who claims that he can do a DNA test and prove if an ODonnell male is directly generationally related to the ODonnells from Donegal Castle. Just wanted to share in case anyone did not know and was interested.

  14. It is an honor to be an O’Donnell. My father was James O’Donnell Jr. and my favorite relative was
    Hanlon O’Donnell. I believe that Vincent O’Donnell is my cousin.The motto I remember for the
    O’Donnell’s was ” in this sign we shall conquer “.

  15. Please add my name to the reply with James and Hanlon O’Donnell in it.
    My name is Charles M.. O’Donnell Sr.

  16. I was born in 1998, same year this site was established. Determined to make the O’Donnell name Great Again!!!

  17. My name is Janice O’Donnell and I had a twin brother John O’Donnell We traced the family history and find that Red Hugh O’Donnell was our relative.

  18. Here is an extract from my book, The O’Donnells of Tyrconnell, – Hugh had two sons, Connell and John. Both entered the Austrian Service. Both received the title ‘Count’ on account of their Irish nobility. Connel, or Karl as he was called in Austria, was Colonel Proprietor of his own Regiment to which he gave his name in 1756. He rose to the rank of General, became Inspector-General of Cavalry, a Privy Councilor and Governor of Transylvania. He was awarded the Grand Cross of the Military Order of Maria Theresa for his bravery at the Battle of Torgau, 1761. He fought in eighteen battles, was wounded several times and died in Vienna on 26th March 1771 aged 56.[ ibid] – I don’t know how to add a photo here but if you send me an e-mail address I will send it to you. Vincent.

  19. As already mentioned, Karl was at one time Governor of Transylvania which place is associated with the ‘Dracula’ story. It is interesting to note that the author, Bram Stoker, was a great-grandson of Eliza O’Donnell of the Newport Line.[ B. Finn, “Bram Stoker’s Donegal Roots”, in Donegal Annual No. 57, (Donegal Historical Society, 2005), p. 61]

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