As can be seen from the Home Page, this site was launched in 1998 to promote the O’Donnell Clan newsletter, Ó Domhnaill Abú. There were 36 issues in all; the last published in 2009. The first issue of Ó Domhnaill Abú appeared in the spring of 1985. All issues had the same format – 8 A4 pages containing news, bits of history, articles about O’Donnells or O’Donnell related activities around the world, queries, songs & poems, photographs etc. The newsletter was mailed to recipients around the world. At one time there were over 200 subscribers. The last few issues are available here in pdf format. If accessing, be patient as they take a few minutes to download. And by the way, copies of back issues are still available from me, Vincent O’Donnell.


Extract from ODA No. 26 Extract from ODA No. 27 Ó Domhnaill Abú No.28
Ó Domhnaill Abú No.29 Ó Domhnaill Abú No.31 Ó Domhnaill Abú No. 33
Ó Domhnaill Abú No.34 Ó Domhnaill Abú No.35 Ó Domhnaill Abú No.36